Premium Car Washes

Holiday Oil's convenient drive through wash systems are designed with you in mind. Our systems provide superior cleaning results in a minimum amount of time and keep your vehicle looking showroom worthy with no effort on your behalf!  Our car washes are user-friendly and efficient. We offer a wide variety wash packages.

We Also Offer Car Wash Fundraisers

Your group or club can raise money by selling our 2pk car wash coupon.  When you purchase a 20pk of car wash coupons, you will pay $99.99 and you will be able to sell them for $200.00.  The face value for the coupons is $16.

Each coupon is discounted to $5 so your group can sell the coupon for $10.  You will make $5 for each 2pk coupon you sell.

To purchase the 20pk of car wash coupons, please contact one of our locations that has a car wash.  Locations and phone numbers are listed on our web site.